Our Company

We are a well-capitalized, privately held commercial real estate development and investment company with offices in Madison, WI and Milwaukee, WI.

We have carefully cultivated a team of real estate professionals with a broad range of experience encompassing all aspects of real estate investment, development, and management.

Our Focus












Our mission is to provide attractive, risk adjusted returns to our investors by acquiring and/or developing properties that provide significant annual income as well as capital appreciation during the hold. We have a strong appetite for in-fill properties in mature markets.

Our primary target is the Southeastern Wisconsin market, with an emphasis on the cities of Milwaukee and Madison.

Our Investment Philosophy


Ascendant Holdings invests with the philosophy that commercial real estate performance and values are cyclical in nature. A well-capitalized, local firm has a distinct advantage during periods of weak market fundamentals and illiquidty. 

With a patient and prudent approach to acquisitions, we buy the right assets at the right price, with a long-term vision for cyclical recoveries.


Our Investment Strategy



We buy quality properties at conservative prices. We seek to acquire performing, well-leased core assets at attractive yields in our target markets.



We target properties with potential for significant cash flow and residual value enhancement through new development or value-added strategies.


Our Core Fundamentals

Know Your Market


In order to identify and appropriately analyze investment opportunities, it is imperative to have local market knowledge. 

We are comfortable doing deals "in our own backyard."

Protect Capital & Manage Risk


We strictly adhere to consistent, conservative underwriting principles. Each asset will have a well-defined strategy prior to acquisition, including any planned property upgrades, operational improvements, or lease-up strategies.

Returning capital to our investors represents the single, most important part of our business.

Sound Capital Structure       


We leverage our assets at a level that reflects the underlying risk to its cash flow. By maintaining safe levels of debt and managing debt maturities, all loans remain secure through the loan term.

Each asset has sufficient equity so that the execution of our strategic plan is neither impaired by cash shortfalls nor debt requirements.

Contact Information


Madison Office

Ascendant Holdings, LLC     2001 W. Beltline Highway   Suite 200                             Madison, WI 53713               608.250.2099 


Milwaukee Office

Ascendant Holdings, LLC     324 E. Wisconsin Avenue     Suite 1010                             Milwaukee, WI 53202         414.299.4880